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#45Support strikethrough in Markdown

Would it be possible to parse strikethrough markup? In PHP-Markdown, two ~ characters mark the start of a strikethrough, e.g. this is good bad.


Ouvert par nodiscc il y a 9 années.

    Statut changé à Confirmé par piero-la-lune il y a 9 années.
    Commenté par piero-la-lune il y a 8 années.

    This is a missing feature in PHP Markdown, and in the markdown syntax in general. It has been introduced in GitHub, but PHP Markdown has still the feature missing.

    I have added a quick fix, and it seemed to work in all the basic situations I have tested. Please tell me if you find a bug !

    It does not works !

    Commenté par nodiscc il y a 8 années.

    Testing it works

    Making sure it's escaped ~~in code blocks~~

    All right, many thanks!

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