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#43Auto mark http/https URLs as links

Currently pasting http/https URLs does not produce links:


You have to manually create the link using the [text](url) Markdown syntax. I don't know if the original PHP markdown implements this (I think it does), but it would be nice to format words matching http(s)?[^\s]. as links.


Ouvert par nodiscc il y a 9 années.

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    Commenté par piero-la-lune il y a 9 années.

    You can use <http://yourlink.fr>. It's the default behaviour of PHP Markdown.

    I think it's better this way (it only adds two characters), because sometimes you don't want to create a link (and it's complicated to match every link, since you also have ftp, ...).

    Tell me what you think.

    PS : do you know that you can use #43 to create a link to the issue #43 and project2#43 to create a link to another project ?

    Commenté par quelqu'un il y a 9 années.

    http://yourlink.fr project2#43

    I didn't know this, thanks!

    Maybe it could be added to #3 ?

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